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Baja California, México, , is the state that occupies the northern half of the peninsula, while Baja California Sur occupies the remaining half.

Baja California  bordered on the north California (USA), east to Arizona (USA), Sonora and the Sea of Cortez and the west by the Pacific Ocean.

The peninsula of Baja California has a huge potential for tourism in Mexico due to its strategic geographical location and unique geological features of its development due to which there is a wide variety of flora and fauna in the peninsular mountain and into the Gulf of California which abuts, and the variety of climates and landscapes.

Medical Trip


The Medical trip and Medical Tourism, is practiced by visitors, usually U.S. residents attending the state for consultations, treatments, operations, therapies or buy medicines at very cheap prices and high quality. In Los Algodones, Rosarito, Tijuana, Ensenada, Tecate and Mexicali this activity is constantly growing and the facilities are first-world quality, include plastic surgery, the dental, cardiological, against cancer, weight loss clinics and homes and even alternative therapies, these clinics are linked to hotels where they can remain patient-tourists until the end of convalescence and thereby complement the process of Health Tourism.

You can find on this site TurismodeSalud.info all necessary information for your visit to Baja California: News of Baja California, Tijuana News, Hotels in Baja California, Tijuana Hotels, Lodging Directory, Lazare, both Transportation and Entertainment Tijuana and throughout Baja California, and for our synthesized in MexDoctors.com Medical Directory, Portal Reference in Baja California Medical Services, Dental Clinics and Hospitals. Also at your disposal our MexDoctorsTV Health channel, which provides preventive health issues and Live every day for you to consult doctors online.













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